How To Date Women For Separated Men

You’ve been out of the dating game for so long during your marriage, then “boom” a devastating divorce. Most men have no clue how to date a new woman at this point.

Now, let’s define a couple things here: learning how to approach a woman and getting her phone number to set the date is one thing, but actually going out on a date is an wholly different plan.

So without more holdup, let’s learn the later, how to date women for divorced men…

To truly understand the crazy advantage you are about to learn which most men in the world simply do not understand, is going to be so cool for you. Most men do the conventional dinner and movie date. There are two problems with that style of dating. Let’s look at what the flaws are:

The Dinner Date: Problems And Solutions

While a dinner date can become your bane, it can actually be your godsend, if you know what to do. Being a bit more intimate is the goal here, and the dinner date could lag in this. Most men make the mistake of putting the table between the two them and their date. That table can be a huge barricade between you and your date.

So, to put right this situation, you need to sit next to her. This creates and intimate “bubble” that will help make easy a real date like atmosphere that will help attraction ferment. If you are having good conversation, good food, a little wine, and you are touching her hand and maybe her face intermittently and not groping her, “the kiss” if only the next logical step.

For me, I like a sushi bar because they all have a built in side by side seating area. I like that advantage to a dinner date.

The Movie

The movie date is bad because there can be no talking between you and your date. The movie is blaring, cars are exploding, you have to get between people on a crowed Saturday night… not the best.

Movies do get a woman excited and that’s an emotion that we want to spike, but there is just a superior way…

Where To Take A Woman On A Date

Out of the ordinary places there is a far better way. Women thrive on emotion, and no woman on earth will ever not love fun and excitement. Why not get their emotions spiking and have that transferred to you! Haha!

Take them to an amusement park. I live in California, so, Disneyland is always a favorite. Don’t tell her where you are taking her, and watch the surprise on her face when you pull into an arcade or even miniature golf! The point here is to be different. She will love you for it. Take her there after the dinner date. Then…

Here is the last key to master in learning how to date a woman after divorce…

The Dating Time Distortion

Taking her to many different places on the same date is what masters with women would do. It’s super important that you have it preplanned though; set out and seek the places beforehand. You are going to do that with every different woman you date. Have you ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day?”

It will be like cramming several dates into one single date! Haha!

To her mind, she will think she has known you for a long time because you took her to so many different venues. Look at the chart below. It’s a chronology plan that will give you an example.

This is what I do:

Time Venue

7.30pm Sushi Restaurant
8.45pm Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
9.05pm Bar for drinks
10.00pm Different bar across the street
11.10pm Walk back to apartment
11.25pm Seduction

If you do this time distortion technique, she will be ready to go back to your place.

Do the intimate dinner date, then something fun and exciting, then take her to a few more places near your place: if you do this, you will become a master at how to date women!


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