Great Ideas for Your First Or Second Date

Thinking dating ideas for that up coming date can be hard, especially when your mind goes blank. Or maybe the ideas that are flying around in your head just aren’t appropriate for the first or even second date. After all you don’t want to over do it. You would think that coming up with a plan for your date would be easier than actually finding a date in the first place, but it can be hard. A lot of dates are ruined by poor date planning.

If it is your first date, you do not want to make it too personal, at least not at first. Good first date plans would be ones that are short but open ended. A great first date idea would be a lunch date on a Saturday. By making it a lunch date it gives you the chance to end it because of “time restraints”. For example if things are not going as well as you like and you want to end the date you can politely excuse yourself because you have someplace you need to be or you have other “prior engagements”. But since it is Saturday, and it is a lunch date, it leaves the entire day left open for you to continue the date if things are going well. This is an open ended date. You can end it if you chose or you can continue it also. It doesn’t have to be a lunch date. You could go for a walk in a park or an afternoon shopping. Just don’t plan something where you are alone with your date, it’s a good idea to not make the first date so personal. First dates are meant to give you a chance to get to know each other in a comfortable setting.

Second dates and so on can start becoming more and more personal. Good ideas for second dates are an evening dinner and a movie or going to a play. Or sports events are always fun for a second date. Second dates are a chance to further get to know each other while being more active than just lunch or dinner. The second date is always more fun than the first. You should feel more relaxed and you should choose date plans that will increase the level of fun and decrease the level of nervousness and anxiety. You may even get to show little signs of affection. If you didn’t have your first kiss at the end of your first date, the second date would be a good time for that. If you did share a kiss at the end of the first date, let that affection carry over into the second date. Hold hands if you’re walking together. Simple gestures like a light brush of your dates arm or putting your hand on the small of their back, tells a lot. But make sure any contact is welcomed contact; you may have to wait until the third or forth dates.

The most important thing to consider when making date plans is your level of comfort. If you only feel comfortable with another lunch date, then that’s what you should do. So when it comes time to make plans for a date, have something in mind when your date asks you, “So, what are we doing?” The worst thing you could say is, “oh it doesn’t matter to me”.


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