Dating Advice For Women – How to Tell If a Date is Going Well

There are many ways to tell if a date is going well, although none of them are infallible. Maybe you just have a really, really polite date. But still, there are some ways of telling.

Does your date look right at you when you talk? Do they look you in the eye and not down at their food or past your face all the time? You don’t want somebody staring at you but if your date looks at you while you speak it’s a good sign. It means that he’s interested.

Does your date occasionally touch your hand or arm? This, too, means that your date is interested. And you can try it yourself if you’re interested in your date as well.

Does your date make an effort to learn more about you? Does he ask you questions and give you a chance to answer? Does he really seem to want to know what you have to say? Maybe he’s just a good conversationalist or maybe he’s really into what you’re saying. This is a tough one. If he’s a good conversationalist it will at least improve the quality of the date and make it more fun.

Does your date keep checking or using his cell phone? This is not a good sign. Either he’s very rude or his mind is elsewhere. This is a good reminder to turn your own cell phone off during the date unless you’re waiting for an emergency call and you can explain that up front.

Does he want to share his very strong opinions on politics, religion, women’s rights, and any other of those things you shouldn’t talk about on first dates? How about his first wife or his last girlfriend? If he’s going on and on he’s a bore. This doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you. You might agree with him on all or some of the above. But it’s a sign that he’s not a thoughtful date.

Does your date have decent table manners? Does he look like he made an effort to look nice for your date? These are just a matter of respect. If a guy can’t tell that he’s got BBQ sauce all over his face, what’s wrong with him? Big boys use napkins. Did he show up looking like he needed a shower? He’s just not a respectful date.

Does your date take you up on it when you offer to pay the bill? This is not a good sign. Men really should pay the bill – especially on the first date – and for a few more too. Sure, in this day and age, when both people work, it’s fine for the lady to pay the bill sometimes. But in the beginning of a relationship, and particularly on a first date, if a woman offers to pay and a man accepts, that’s not a sign that the date is going well and it may mean that he’s cheap. Not good. Not good at all. A female friend had a date once where her date offered to choose the wine. At the end of the date she offered to pay the bill. It was a first date. Not only did he take her up on the offer, but the bottle of wine was $75.00! And it was lunch!

Finally, does he ask when he can see you again? That’s the best sign! (Assuming you’d like to see him again.) Is he then all over your like white on rice? That’s not a good sign. That’s just plain rude. If you liked him well enough to go out with him again you can tell him “Hands off!” and see how he reacts. But there’s nothing wrong with a kiss on the first date if you both enjoyed each other’s company.

Keep the above signs in mind next time you have a date and see where things go. If your date displays most of the positive traits above, the date is most probably going well. Of course, it’s really hard to tell until you get a phone call from him after the date.


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